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Winter"s Heart Audiobook free - WOT 9

Winter"s Heart Audiobook - The Wheel of Time 9

Why should you listen to Winter’s Heart Audiobook?

Winter"s Heart Audiobook is a fantasy novel written by Robert Jordan, the ninth audiobook of his series Wheel of Time Audio. It was published on November 7, 2000. Upon its release, it immediately rose to No.1 position on the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list.

Author: Robert Jordan
Narrated by: Kate Reading, Michael Kramer
Length:  24 hrs and 12 mins
Series: Wheel of Time Audiobooks
Publisher: Macmillan Audio

"The seals that hold back night shall weaken, and in the heart of winter shall winter"s heart be born amid the wailing of lamentations and the gnashing of teeth, for winter"s heart shall ride a black horse, and the name of it is Death."
—from the Karaethon Cycle: The Prophecies of the Dragon

As is the usual style, the title of this audiobook is quoted sentence from The Prophecies of the Dragon at the beginning, and mentioned about the winter that was created by the use of the Bowl of the Winds in the prior book. It is also a reference to the ever deepening cold in Rand’s heart.

The quoted sentences is impressed and attractive which made me click and listen Winter’s Heart Audiobook free at the beginning. How about you?

[caption id="attachment_4733" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Winter’s Heart Audiobook FREE DOWNLOAD-The Wheel of Time 9 Winter’s Heart Audiobook FREE DOWNLOAD-The Wheel of Time 9[/caption]

Plot of Winter’s Heart Audiobook free

Many of the events of Winter"s Heart audiobook free take place simultaneously with the events of the next book, Crossroads of Twilight. Perrin Aybara and his followers pursue the Shaido Aiel who kidnapped his wife, Faile Bashere. Elayne Trakand attempts to suppress rebellious nobles.

Mat Cauthon is trapped in the city of Ebou Dar in Altara, under Seanchan occupation. He found to way to escape but he is disrupted by a Seanchan noblewoman named Tuon, the heir to the Seanchan Crystal Throne, who is revealed as the Daughter of the Nine Moons, who will marriage to him. Mat decide to kidnap her.

Rand al"Thor, the Dragon Reborn, is bonded as a Warder by Elayne Trakand, Aviendha, and Min Farshaw. He hunts down Asha"man traitors in Far Madding. Rand and Nynaeve al"Meara Travel to Shadar Logoth.



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Winter"s Heart Audiobook free - Wheel of Time book 9 - END

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